The organization has the following objectives:

  • To work closely with the University administration to promote the upper-mobility of Latinas/os at all levels and to promote University strategic goals for diversity, recruitment, and retention of Latina/o faculty, staff, and students.
  • To advocate for an environment that represents Latinas/os in a positive light within the University community.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues that pertains to the overall well-being of the Latina/o community.
  • To represent and be a voice for the Latina/o community on UConn campuses.
  • To increase the representation of Latina/o faculty and staff on University committees, boards, searches, and commissions.
  • To create a network of support among UConn Latinas/os.
  • To disseminate relevant information to all Latina/o faculty, staff and students.
  • To collaborate with other Latina/o entities throughout the University community, at the local, and state level to provide representation and policy recommendation as needed.

Membership is open to any faculty or professional employee who is interested in promoting Latina/o issues and who supports the mission of the organization.